Thursday 6 July 2023

The Battle of Tanigawa .... denouement.......

as the fighting rages, more Clan Tidamatsu troops have started to arrive.....

Clan Tidamatsu's foot samuari have routed more of the Clan Monogoto troops, their commanders body guard prepares to defend him ....
Clan Tidamatsu's foot samurai join the fight against the Clan Monogoto mounted samurai attacking them in the flank
the remaining intact Clan Monogoto troops edges backwards holding their position, awaiting the outcome of the clash of the mounted samurai.
The mounted samurai of Clan Monogoto attacked in the flank are beaten and rout ...
As Clan Tidamatsu advance,  Clan Monogoto's remaining intact troops fall back and retreat...

A victory for clan Tidamatsu


Notes on the game...

1) Rules used : Battles in the Age of War - Samurai Warfare (available from Peter Pig)

first play through of the rules in a game of the core mechanics (firing, fighting and morale); I think the rules gave a proper flavour for the period.  I made some minor adjustments for my 40mm figure basing scheme along with movement and firing ranges.

I think I made some mistakes using the rules as I went along but mostly these affected both sides.

Some Rules Adjustments:

  • to get some ebb and flow in melee; If lose melee: One Morale Failure fall back 3 inches,  Two Moral Failures fall back 6 inches
  • Routing troops stay on the table till they have passed by all the units (not removed after the move they rout).

2) Game lasted 25 moves...the key melee at the river crossing 7 moves.

3) Armies were approx 175 figures each, split into 4 Sonae with mounted samurai separated into separate units. Clan Tidamatsu (defending) started with one Sonae not having arrived (one quarter of its troops). These were late and would arrive on move 10 + 3D6.

4) Final result - a win for Clan Tidamatsu

Clan Tidamatsu 3 sonae intact, one badly mauled at just under 50% in strength.

Clan Monogoto - 1 sonae intact, 1 sonae wiped out, 2 sonae 30% losses and routed.

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