Monday 23 May 2022

Jinmaku - camp curtain...

I got a couple of 3D printed camp curtains one for each army's command group. I removed the front part to suit the 40mm figures, the commander gets a fold-up camp seat as well 😎

Friday 13 May 2022

The seven something or others

For future games I don't need all the 20 mounted bandits used in the defend the village game. I've decided reduce the number of mounted bandits to seven. For each of these seven I have matched up some foot figures.  Useful for future small scale games.

The horses from the other 13 have been retained to be used for the mounted samurai in the armies I'm building. The riders went back into the melting pot.

Monday 9 May 2022

Samurai Army Structure...

 I picked up some of the Samurai figure drawings from the Junior General images (for printing as paper soldiers - see ); they've been used to represent each of the groupings I'll be using for my Samurai armies.

Mounted Samurai (probably 16 per side in 4 groups of 4)
Each of the main blocks of Teppo (musket) and Yari (spear) will have their own group command

Then there will be squads for Elite Samurai (1), Samurai Spear Armed (3), Ashigaru Spear (3), and Ashigaru Musket/Archer (4).

The army could look something like this when deployed...

Saturday 7 May 2022

Casting the armies - phase 2...

 After a couple of casting sessions, along with what I already had done for the Samurai squads; I laid everything out on the table and organised them into their squads.

There are about 40 foot Samurai to cast (plus sashimonos); then when I've figured out the mounted figures I'm going to have then they'll be cast up as well.