Wednesday 23 November 2022

Castings done ..

Mould made for the new Ashigaru masters, after a couple of casting sessions have enough figures for 4 10 man squads (two for each army).. a few more items for  a couple of other things I want to add

  • mounted commanders (as an alternative to those in the dismounted sets)
  • make some masters for a pack horse and men carrying ammo/supplies

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Ashigaru with spear ... masters

 With some Ashigaru armed with spears needed to complete the armies, I have made up two new masters each with different types of 'armour' on their arms. Also I have thickened the bases, bulked out the legs and fitted a sword. 

 Shown with spear temporarily fitted....

Saturday 12 November 2022

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Trial Setup of Samurai Army ...

 With painting progressing slowly, to give me a boost I setup a samurai army in a nominal 'Sonae' formation...

Looking good. One thing I realised once I set it out is that I hadn't made some ashigaru squads with short spear to support the two front samurai squads. So I will need to cast up 20 figs for each army.